Please note this page is for legal reasons. It was designed to be use if an art piece is misused. In most cases, you'll be okay if you repost as long as you properly credit it.

What can be reposted and what can't be reposted?

If the artwork was Tweeted or Posted on Reddit by Goldn herself; you are allowed to retweet, quote tweet, or cross-post without regard of the above requirements. If a subreddit doesn't allow cross-posting, please contact Goldn or check if reposting is allowed per above requirements.
If the artwork is from Patreon and there isn't a blog post for them yet, that means they are in Early Access for paying patrons. Any post from Patreon is off-limits for reposting without direct written permission from Goldn herself.

Guidelines for Reposting

Once you have permission to repost, there is a few rules you must follow:
  • Must give credit to @GoldnWitch or @Goldninja100gn. Do not claim as your own!
  • Source to either her Twitter post or to her blog post on the art. If the site you are posting on doesn't allow links, credit like this "Artist: @GoldnWitch on Twitter" or something similar to that.
  • Not making monetary-gain off of it. Reddit Karma is not considered monetary-gain. Although if u/Goldninja100gn posted that art piece on reddit within the last 30-days, please don't make a new post.
Breaking any of the above guidelines will result in a "DMCA Takedown" or "Flag for Removal"

What sites am I allowed to repost on?

Goldn might post onto a few sites herself. The sites she will most likely posted them on are Twitter, Reddit, Patreon, and Rule34. Twitter & Reddit have reposting options as listed above. She is only posting on Rule34 as she knows some of her posts might end up there anyways. She also tends to try to post higher quality then what is available for free. Posts on Patreon are usually behind a paywall for Early access posts. All posts from Patreon are not allowed for reposting.
You technically are allowed to repost on any site as long as you have proper permissions from Goldn to post. (read above sections to see if you have permission)
Here is a list of the following sites that reposting is allowed:
  • Twitter ― Please Retweet or Quote Tweet Goldn's post instead of a new post. Replying with an art piece is allowed as well, especially for execution of perfection.
  • Reddit ― Please cross-post if possible. 
  • Rule34 ― If Goldn hasn't posted it herself and it has been over a week, you are allowed to post it. Make sure it is sourced properly and use available artist tags.
  • Patreon ― Nope, all monetary sites are not allowed. (This includes sites like Fanhouse and GumRoad)
Other sites may be added in the future. If you are unsure, contact Goldn.

Am I allowed to post something I commissioned?

If you commissioned something from Goldn, you are allowed to post first. You can even have me not post a blog for it.
All permissions of the artwork you commissioned is stated within the invoice. Sometimes you are not allowed to put it onto products, but that is all stated within the invoice. If you are unsure or lost the invoice, please contact Goldn.

Personal-Use Clause

Want to use an art piece as your background or PFP? Well you are allowed to according to the personal-use clause. If you are using it for branding or in a way that doesn't represent our intensions, you may be asked to take it down. Sometimes a use may boarder line the personal-use clause, in those cases, please contact Goldn.

Trademark and Copyright

All of Goldn's Original Characters (OCs) are under a trademark or/and copyright. This means they are protected.
Fanart and parody is allowed as stated in copyright laws as long as there is no monetary-gain. (See "For Other Artist" for more info)

For Other Artist

As stated above, fanart and parody is allowed. But if an you were commissioned to draw one of my Original Characters (OCs), you wouldn't be protected under fanart/parody.
I think that is a load of baloney, so I allow artists to take commissions for any of my OCs. Although please keep in mind that these characters were created with a certain element. This element is hard to define, it is like what makes them special to others. Please consider what situation they are being put into.
Some banned situations:
  • gore/vore ― ask permission with reference(s)
  • suicide/death/etc ― ask permission with reference(s)
  • BMSD/hardcore ― ask permission with reference(s)
When in doubt, ask for permission